Musings on Life for the Queerly Inclined

Comments on: "Interrupting Capitalism" (1)

  1. A great read here some very thought provoking stuff!! I’ve been looking for some socio-economic system for some time now, something that’s fair and if I’m honest, something anti-capitalist because I feel that capitalism is to blame for a lot of the worlds ills.

    The only problem is when you think and talk about things like this in small town Ireland you get branded communist, Marxist a troublemaker and an anarchist.

    I’ve come to the realisation that the way forward for me is to become as self-sufficient as possible, I mean if I can’t rely on other people to peek through the looking-glass then what other option do I have other than to do it myself?

    My dream is for one day to live on a commune with some like minded people,live off the land, tend our crops, look after some livestock, pool our resources and talents and raise our kids in a spirit of honesty, openness, love and respect. But yeah I know that’s exactly the hippy, communist and dangerous thinking that’ll get me in trouble!!

    And besides it’s only a dream

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