Musings on Life for the Queerly Inclined

Who even writes this?

Hey there!

You might’ve guessed a bit about me based on my writing.  Good for you–you get an extra large handful of glitter.

Just a curious, quirky, queer, white, femme, 20-something, observing life’s absurdities.  Beware of what lie ahead: feminist rants, political spiels, social justice everything, social construct jokes, unpacking conversations, and lots of glitter.  Intersectionality, privilege, and sequins are all big words around here.

I write from my own experience and I welcome constructive comments and dialogue.  Want me to write about something specific?  Send me your suggestions.  If I say something that offends or doesn’t sit right with you, please let me know.  This is a hate-free zone.  I will call you out on your shit.  I always try to educate myself and I am certainly open to being called out as well.

Please note: that does not mean I will entertain messages about how reverse-racism/misandry/heterophobia/etc. exist, even especially if your “proof” is an anecdote about how someone from a marginalized group was mean to you once.  I’m not here for the “reverse oppression” arguments.  Oppressed people cannot oppress their oppressors.  If you’re confused by that, Google around.

That being said…welcome and enjoy!

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